Less busywork, more closing work.

Your material sales are trapped in administrative tasks. Let Buildport automate them.

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Material distributors are using Buildport to sell more efficiently.

Get a handle on your project projections.

Project dates move. Buildport makes tracking those movements automatic

Buildport passively gets 90-60-30-7 day updates on your project start dates. Get more accurate information and save your customers the hassle of responding to back-and-forth emails and calls.
Be in the right place at the right time.

95% of contractors agree, they prefer to receive follow up in a passive way.

We provide a "magic-link" project portal to collect project data and allow contractors to respond whenever they need. We collect precisely the data needed to progress the sale to the next stage.
Right questions at the right time.

We ask the questions that take the project closer to contract.

We understand what stage a project is in and automatically adjust the questions and requests. We allow submittal requests/downloads, stocking list requests, and delivery schedules among other administrative tasks.
It just works.

We integrate into your systems.

Buildport integrates into major CRMs for fast project porting and real-time automatic records updates. When the customer answers on Buildport, your records update too.
Average points of contact per order.
standard back and forth requests including submittals, project information, delivery info, etc.
3 Hrs
Approx. time savings per quote.
Time saved writing emails, creating spreadsheets, and making phone calls.
of customers prefer to provide information via forms
Information is easier to exchange via dynamic forms on your own time.
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