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We are obsessed with making the construction material procurement process as easy as ordering from Amazon.

Our Story

Buildport's founder, Eddie, spent a lot of time in the construction industry. He has worked his way up from working labor in New York City, Project Manager for a GC, importing construction materials from Switzerland, to building a prefabrication company in Ohio. During this time he spent hours on the material procurement process. The emails, phone calls, document exchanges, consumed so much of his companies bandwidth. Also, every time he started a new venture he had to struggle with being relatively invisible to suppliers.

So Buildport's vision came as an "allergic reaction" to this state of the industry. He wanted to bring buying power together to make it easier for both the buyer and seller. A single place to transact and get materials for projects. Buildport came over the obsession to make buying construction materials as easy as buying something off Amazon.

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